Don't Be an April Fool with Your Data

April 1st has passed for this year, but the truth is that every day is an opportunity to play the fool if you do not make the right decisions. This is especially true in business where your decisions have lasting implications.

That is why it is great to have an IT partner like SIO that can advise you on best practices and prevent foolish mistakes from occurring. Instead, prevent data breeches, avoid system failures, and maintain high standards of uptime by utilizing our array of IT services.

Spring Is All About the Clouds

This time of year, we count on clouds to bring us spring rain so that all of the dormant vegetation will start to grow again. With warmth, light, and water, Lexington greens up and flowers begin to bloom.

So in that way, we have been counting on clouds since the beginning of time to help everything grow. When it comes to business in the early 21st century, we are also counting on clouds in another way, and SIO is your local, trusted expert in all things related to cloud computing.

Strides in Scalable 3D Printing

As 3D printing grows and evolves into a more useful means of developing and delivering new inventions, prototypes, and products, various companies are stepping forward to offer advancements in the industry.

3D Systems has unveiled its latest product aimed at manufacturers in the form of the Figure 4 production platform system. This system is designed to be modular but also scalable, with the ability to work independently or with 16 or more print engines working simultaneously.

So how does that help other industries?

Enjoy the SIO IT Company Difference

It is not always easy to run a business. That is why aligning yourself with various service partners is a good idea. Selecting partners that make the best fit with you and your company will make the greatest difference in the long term.

At SIO, we have made our name over the years by helping other businesses with their IT services. Our experience and proven track record allows our potential customers to become comfortable right away because they know they are in good hands.

Don't Let March Become Madness for You

This time of year, the people of Lexington rally around UK basketball as the team prepares for competition in the SEC tournament and then the NCAA tournament. March is an exciting month, one that brings our wonderful community even closer during the big games.

Too often, however, the madness we see on the basketball court rears its ugly head in the office, as well. And this isn't the kind of madness anyone enjoys because it involves lost data. Oh, no!

Staying on the Edge of Computing Technology

This month has been all about the tech we love here at SIO. We have enjoyed writing about it, sharing the latest information about it, plus offering our own tech basket giveaway valentine. No better way to spend our February!

Before the month gets away, however, we still have time enough to touch on one more tech trend. As we mentioned back in December, edge computing is just beginning to show an impact on business productivity and efficiency.

Adding Cameras and Security to Your Defensive Mix

We love technology. And considering this is the month that gives us V Day every year, we are exploring some of the tech gadgets that are not only cool but lovably useful, too! Today, we explore camera technology and how business security has benefited from the growth of this industry.

At SIO, we specialize in using technology to help protect businesses in a variety of ways. We protect data by providing secure methods of data transfer, and we also protect data by offering offsite cloud data backup storage, as well.

How Tech Took Over Our Hearts

We have always been fascinated by technology. New and different ways of performing tasks are interesting, but what really puts it over the top is when tech allows us to do things we have never done before and when tech allows us to cut down the time it takes to do something we already do.

Who does not enjoy having new fun options in their life? And who could not use a little extra free time? Indeed, it is easy to see why there are always people working on the next technological innovation. It is exciting and rewarding crossing over into that next frontier.

The Importance of Password Security

Did you ever pass notes in school? Maybe even a Valentine's Day card to that special someone across the classroom? If so, you know the particular humiliation of having that note intercepted and either shared by harassing peers or a disapproving teacher.

Well, the concept is much the same with Internet security except the stakes are much higher. While you may have risked some temporarily hurt feelings with the schoolroom notes, your business is passing and storing much more sensitive information that could affect a greater number of people.

Talking About Love, Drones, and 3D Printing

February begins tomorrow. And around here at SIO, we're enjoying the lead-up to the enchanted holiday smack dab in the middle of the month: Valentine's Day. So with that in mind, we thought it would be fun to address some of the things we love this month in our blogs.

Anyone who follows us regularly probably has noticed that we keep tabs on drone technology. Over time, this has taken us into the realm of federal regulations guiding the use of drones, as well as the companies that build and improve the drones themselves.

Our company has been a client of Store It Offsite since its inception and we are very pleased with the backup and email services Jim and his team provide. We know our data is protected and that they will be there for any IT emergencies that arise. If you are looking for an IT company that is ready to help with your technology needs, then the only call you need to make is to Leslie at Store It Offsite.

— Funeral Directors of KY

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