Improving Cloud Services with Fog & Edge Computing

Wireless Internet service, along with huge amounts of data being processed, transferred and stored at any give moment of the day, have been pushing computing capabilities into the future at a rapid clip for years now. And while we can now do things we could only dream of doing years ago, we still have hurdles to clear with regard to speed, power, and storage.

Outstanding Business Email Solutions

Email communication is vital to the running of businesses today. Without reliable email, communication can get bogged down in a hurry, and this costs businesses time and (ultimately) money.

Running email in-house is an expensive and unreliable approach. Email servers cost money, and they all need constant maintenance. Eventually, they need to be replaced, and those costs add up in a hurry.

Backup Redundancy Key for Peace of Mind

For both personal storage and business IT storage, the same imperative is there for dependability, ease of use, and cost effectiveness. Utilizing backup has one primary goal, and that is to make sure that files, photos, and data are all saved and preserved for when they may be needed.

Support for Backup of iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Businesses utilize a lot of different endpoint devices these days in order to complete work whenever and wherever it's most convenient and efficient to do so. That means mobile devices are being utilized as business tools in unprecedented numbers.

Along with the convenience and quickness that mobile devices lend to company productivity, there also comes a certain problem of backup and general security, as well. Mobile devices are lost and stolen far easier than desktop computers that never leave the office space. Plus, they're subject to failure just like other devices.

Backup and Recovery of Office 365 Exchange Online Data

Many businesses utilize Exchange Online to access email, manage contacts, and update calendars via desktop and mobile devices. And since Microsoft stores information across multiple servers at multiple locations, this gives some the impression that their data is retrievable and available for restoration.

Using Data & Storing Data

Data drives modern commerce. Online retailers rack up billions of dollars from millions of customers each year in the United States. Even brick and mortar storefronts need to store information about their sales process.

Given all this, it's no surprise to learn that company data has an increasingly significant value to each business. Customer demographics and sales patterns are all stored on servers so that they're readily at hand when it comes time to process them.

Full Complement of Cloud Services from SIO

Cloud services and cloud computing have been around long enough to demonstrate a dependable track record over time. Both individuals and businesses alike have entrusted unfathomable amounts of data to the cloud with amazingly secure, safe, and efficient results.

Here in Lexington, KY, SIO leads the pack in providing cloud services of all types. Being able to lean on an IT company like SIO relieves stress and apprehension for businesses across many industries. With a trusted IT partner, new technology becomes the asset it's truly designed to be.

I've used this company for over two years and have been completely satisfied with their services. They have been great to work with, and I always feel that my data is safe.

— Nicholasville Road Animal Hospital

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