3D Printing Providing Solutions to Real-World Problems

Just up the road a bit in Indianapolis, a 3D-printing company and a veterinarian teamed up to provide a mobility device to a puppy named TurboRoo who was born without front legs. Now the little Chihuahua gets around just fine via a "special cart printed":http://www.cnet.com/news/turboroo-puppy-gets-wheels-thanks-to-3d-printing/ using a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer.

Amazon Jumps Into the 3D Printing Market

In the latest sign that 3D printing is here to stay, Amazon just announced that their online store will now feature a section dedicated to "3D-printed products":http://www.storeitoffsite.com/blog/post.php?s=2014-09-30-want-to-build-y.... With 3D printing becoming more mainstream by the day, it's only natural that big business is following to take advantage of the interest and profit potential.

Saving Time and Money by Bundling Services

In business, it helps to have dependable partners who provide services you can't or don't want to handle in-house. Nobody can do it alone. Even the behemoths outsource some of their needs to other businesses.

With small business, it's even more important to find dependable partners that can grow with you as needed and still provide excellent service, even when you're just starting out and your needs are limited. Your orders or service demands may be small, but each one carries more importance.

Getting on the Same Page

It's important for 3D printers just like it's important to your business. Everyone needs to be able to get on the same page. Business communication isn't always simple, but it is essential to success.

That's why we at SIO believe so strongly in products like our ZIMBRA Collaboration Suite. It integrates your email with other communication essentials like your calendar and address book.

It's a relief to know my company's data is safe! Store It Offsite has been providing off site back up for my servers and 12 work stations for the last 5+ years. During that period, they've been responsive to our needs and quickly recovered data when hard drives have failed. They've done this while maintaining competitive prices for the data being stored.

An added bonus, they're right here in Lexington, KY. You can't beat a locally owned and operated business. Since day one, I've had access to the company's owner and members of their management team. You won't be relegated to a call center with this organization!

— Klausing Group

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