From Artists to the Military: 3D Printing Has Something For Everybody

One of the many reasons we believe 3D printing has such future potential is that the technology already has impacted so many different aspects of society. Name any industry, and you can bet that 3D printing has been utilized in some capacity, whether experimental or practical in nature.

How Will Consumers Experience 3D Printing?

With the recent announcement that Best Buy will be installing 3D printing Technology Experience Zones in many of their stores, it brings up an interesting aspect of the 3D printing movement: the mainstream consumer.

Sure, we already know that the inventor is excited about 3D printing because of its many possible applications and its usefulness in developing prototypes more rapidly than ever before. And we know that manufacturing businesses are excited about it because of the possibility to print so many internal parts and projects in-house, saving time and money along the way.

SIO Builds Own Oil Cap with 3D Printer

Yes, it's true. Recently, I took my Jeep in for an oil change (a professional oil change, no less). Typically, the worst part about these experiences is the waiting and the slight delay on the rest of your day. Or maybe the technician finds a problem you didn't know you had and tips you off to your next major expense. Always fun, right?

The Majority of Manufacturers Already Use 3D Printing

If you're waiting for the "3D-printing revolution": to become more of a mainstream phenomenon before you take an interest in it, consider the fact that "two-thirds of industrial manufacturers":

What Effect 3D Printing Is Really Having

It never fails. Amidst the excitement and progress shown in the "3D printing sector":, there are detractors and naysayers (as there inevitably are) who think that the technology is mostly serving a few show-offs and won't have any lasting effect on the world.

Continued Innovation as Seen in 3D Printing

A recent "video article": demonstrating how to harness the sun's power to 3D print objects out of sand further illustrates a point we have been making in "our blog series about 3D printing": and its evolution through innovation.

The Smart Money Opting for SIO VMware or Hyper-V Backups

While we have discussed in the past how important it is to "maintain backups":, sometimes we don't stress enough how to go about doing it the smart way. This involves utilizing a reliable company that can demonstrate an expert knowledge in the industry while not overcharging for their "services":

Our company has been a client of Store It Offsite since its inception and we are very pleased with the backup and email services Jim and his team provide. We know our data is protected and that they will be there for any IT emergencies that arise. If you are looking for an IT company that is ready to help with your technology needs, then the only call you need to make is to Leslie at Store It Offsite.

— Funeral Directors of KY

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