With loss of life in the dozens and cars and houses being destroyed by the thousands, the impact from Hurricane Harvey has been felt throughout Houston and its surrounding areas. And the damage does not stop there.

Tech companies have been subject to some of the same issues and annihilation. Obviously, computers and water do not mix well, so damage has been extensive to those caught within the flood plain.

Fortunately, most data centers are housed outside the flood plain because of good forethought, but even NASA has been bailing water, as Johnson Space Center took on significant flooding during the storm.

One of the many problems presented by natural disasters is that one never knows where trouble will strike next. Sure, you may be safe from a hurricane if you are inland, but you may have to deal with flooding just the same (or other threats like high winds, fires, fallen trees, or tornadoes).

All of this underscores the notion that offsite data backup is an essential business practice. A flooded office can turn the machines from any company into expensive paperweights. And backup generators require fuel that may or may not be available in abundance when trouble arrives.

Where would your data go if your office flooded? SIO customers know the peace of mind that comes with offsite backup. Contact us today to find out how easy it is for you to enjoy the same peace of mind!

"Bluegrass Care Navigators was in search of a Disaster Recovery solution to replace our existing backup solution. Our objective was to reduce our VMware mission-critical RTO from 48 hours to under 24 hours. We evaluated several solutions and found the SIO solution to be feature-rich and economical. SIO provided our organization with a customized, hybrid solution that achieved our goal both onsite and in the cloud. In addition to improving RTO, the SIO solution enables us to quickly and regularly validate the integrity of our backed up systems, ensuring our organization’s preparedness."
- Croswell Chambers, CIO

— Bluegrass Care Navigators

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