The networking and communications advancements in business have been pushed forward by leaps and bounds during the Internet age. What used to take minutes, hours, or days can now be accomplished in seconds thanks to technology.

As a result, business leans pretty hard on all available digital communication tools. Since time is money, making use of time-saving technology translates to quicker sales, faster communication, improved turnaround times, and a better overall bottom line.

That brings up an obvious question. What happens when there is an interruption in our IT system? Given how reliant we are on IT, the results can be devastating. Bouncing back quickly and thoroughly has equal importance, and both are aspects of a fully developed disaster recovery solution.

It is important to stress, however, that it takes planning ahead of time. In fact, a well-rounded disaster recovery plan needs to be in place prior to trouble so that it can be utilized during and after the negative event. It is far more difficult and time-consuming to recover following an event that occurs to an organization with no existing disaster recovery plan in place.

With minimal disruption and a return to normal operations as primary goals, SIO offers a superior disaster recovery plan. Not only do we have the technological tools to keep you protected, we also have the localized, individual service that makes all the difference in times of trouble.

So do not let your business be caught off guard by an IT catastrophe. Instead, count on SIO and let us help you preserve your valuable IT assets!

I've used this company for over two years and have been completely satisfied with their services. They have been great to work with, and I always feel that my data is safe.

— Nicholasville Road Animal Hospital

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