Selecting an IT partner isn't easy. While you're busy starting up your own business, you're expected to make informed decisions about technical solutions you may not have any experience assessing.

Placing trust in a third party business can be scary. That's why SIO's customers are so satisfied. We really listen to our customers and make sure they get the services they need when they need them.

It all starts with a solid IT plan. Architecting IT services for a new customer is an area of pride for SIO. We know even before you do what you're going to need and how you're going to need to scale up. We have experience in all industries, which allows us to apply that knowledge to your business.

With a plan in place, we then set in motion your IT implementation. It's not enough to have theoretical solutions and hypothetical scenarios of usage. What really counts is how IT services perform in the real world, and SIO makes sure you have the right tools for the right tasks.

Finally, no IT service plan is complete without support. Questions are inevitable, and certain pitfalls abound on a daily basis. You need the peace of mind that comes from having a local, experienced IT staff at your disposal.

With the right plan, implementation, and support, your business will have an IT edge on your competition. And who wouldn't enjoy that? Contact SIO today to get started with your customized IT service plan!

It's a relief to know my company's data is safe! Store It Offsite has been providing off site back up for my servers and 12 work stations for the last 5+ years. During that period, they've been responsive to our needs and quickly recovered data when hard drives have failed. They've done this while maintaining competitive prices for the data being stored.

An added bonus, they're right here in Lexington, KY. You can't beat a locally owned and operated business. Since day one, I've had access to the company's owner and members of their management team. You won't be relegated to a call center with this organization!

— Klausing Group

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