Generally, you can take one of two approaches in business. You can either be proactive and plan for future events, or you can be reactive and wait for events to occur before dealing with them.

While it may be easier in the short term to take the latter course, it's a dangerous way to proceed because when trouble arrives, there isn't a well thought out plan to fix the problem. Even if there is a solution, it will be implemented slower, and valuable time and money will be lost in the process.

For the proactive business owner, problems are a given, but they're not a surprise, meaning the first steps have been taken to solve them before they even arise.

In the IT world, we understand that disaster scenarios aren't just theoretical, they're an everyday possibility. When you consider the variety of threats that exist (from the organized criminals sprinkled throughout the world to natural disasters and hardware malfunctions) it's no surprise that IT security is a daily struggle.

Here at SIO, one of the ways we equip our customers to succeed is by helping them implement an appropriate disaster prevention and disaster recovery plan. That way, all precautions are taken ahead of time, and minimal risk and downtime are at stake during crucial moments where security and hardware durability are tested.

You need an IT partner that can help you achieve your technology goals by taking the stress off you and customizing a plan that's just right for your business. You need SIO. Contact us today!

Store It Offsite is hands down the best IT support services group in Lexington. A few years ago, my company was looking to overhaul its current backup system. While I looked at various online services, the group that stood out the most to me was Store It Offsite. Their pricing structure is very competitive, but being local took them over the top for me. Three years down the road now after making the decision to use Store It Offsite, I could not be happier with my decision to do so. Their service has been second to none, support is prompt and on task, and customer service is impeccable. Our rep is outstanding at listening to what a client's needs are, putting together cost effective proposals, and provide a quality of service beyond what other IT support firms can do. The bottom line is this, if you need cloud server services, off site data backup, or simply hardware supply, give Store It Offsite an opportunity to earn your business. Contact Leslie and setup an introductory meeting. I promise, you and your company will not be disappointed.

— Sturgill, Turner, Barker & Maloney

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