Going 4D with 3D Printing

3D Printing is an industry that is constantly pushing forward to new and better technologies, and the future is never far away. Breakthroughs occur almost daily as scientists, researchers, and inventors all endeavor to expand industry possibilities via new products and tools.

Most recently, researchers at MIT announced that they have created a new process that combines "microstereolithography" with a special polymer mix that hardens or softens based on variant thermal conditions, opening the door to devices that change shape depending on the their temperature.

Top Three Data Backup Benefits from SIO

Data backup has serious benefits at both home and business. At its core, what data backup means is protection for anything and everything you choose to back up.

This is nothing new to the digital age. We have always sought means of protecting important assets. What's great about the modern age is that it has never been easier to accomplish the goal of protection, particularly with regard to digital information.

Backup Remains Critical for Business

Most of us understand that we need to maintain backups of all of our important digital files and data. At home, we have photos, music, emails, and all sorts of treasured possessions to keep safe.

The same is true in the workplace. Hardly a business exists anywhere that doesn't have important data to back up.

The Continually Developing Uses of 3D Printing

Right now, down in Austin, TX, the 27th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium is taking place, and many of the great contributors to the 3D printing industry are on the scene to share ideas and celebrate just how far 3D printing has come since additive manufacturing began to take shape in the 1980s.

Staying Safe in the Digital Jungle

Companies need to keep their digital information safe. This is true for companies of all sizes, but the task may feel more daunting for smaller companies with fewer resources.

Fortunately, SIO has service plans that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. We will assess your individual needs and create a plan that gives you all the protection you need without making you pay for resources you don't need.

IT Solutions That Work for Business

Sometimes businesses have needs that can't be met by the typical out-of-the-box solutions. Unfortunately, much of the time, those in charge of the business consider this a dead end.

Don't let this happen to you. If you have IT needs (or wishes) that would improve your business, you need to explore this issue with a proven IT professional before you determine your options.

Get the IT Solutions You Need

For one reason or another, some people are afraid to reach out to an IT solutions company. Sometimes they feel like their needs are too small, while others feel like their needs are too complicated or specialized. Still others are embarrassed about not knowing where to begin.

In each case, SIO can help. Companies come in all sizes. We're a small business, too, so we understand the special needs peculiar to a small business.

Local, Hassle-Free Professional Grade Email Service

Overall, email has been a great benefit to businesses since it became widely adopted as a primary method of communication a couple of decades ago. Having said that, however, there is no denying that email questions and issues also rank as one of the most common reasons people reach out to their IT department or customer support.

Why Your IT Plan Matters

Whether or not you and your employees are tech-savvy, there is a lot riding on your approach to IT matters. When it comes to your business, the decisions you make impact your customers, as well as your bottom line, so it's wise to get an understanding of how to best leverage and protect your digital information.

"Bluegrass Care Navigators was in search of a Disaster Recovery solution to replace our existing backup solution. Our objective was to reduce our VMware mission-critical RTO from 48 hours to under 24 hours. We evaluated several solutions and found the SIO solution to be feature-rich and economical. SIO provided our organization with a customized, hybrid solution that achieved our goal both onsite and in the cloud. In addition to improving RTO, the SIO solution enables us to quickly and regularly validate the integrity of our backed up systems, ensuring our organization’s preparedness."
- Croswell Chambers, CIO

— Bluegrass Care Navigators

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