IT Consulting from IT Experts

You don't have to have IT problems to benefit from IT consulting. If you run a business of any size, then there are definitely ways that making smart IT decisions can benefit your bottom line.

SIO can help you assess your business IT needs and recommend ways to improve your structure, workflow, and data efficiency. We help companies in all types of industries take their business goals to the next level by implementing concrete strategies that save both time and money, while improving customer and client loyalty.

Take Control of Your Data

Does your data work for you? One way or another, you're definitely working on your data. But is it helping your business or is it all so loose that it's merely creating more work for you and your employees?

Let's look at the overall chain of activity. You gather data via customer and user interaction. You process it, and some of it may be sensitive, requiring a secure protocol for handling it. And there's the storage aspect of data. Where are you keeping it? Is it both accessible and secure?

Managed Cloud Services from SIO

These days, you probably already take your technology pretty seriously. In our private lives, most of us now depend on smartphones, tablets, and wi-fi program viewing, etc. And when it comes to business, most companies are the same way, with sales, inventory, payroll, and customer information stored in database form.

The increasing importance of digital data has meant an equally increasing importance of maintaining and preserving that data. Businesses in and around Lexington turn to SIO for help with this management, and we offer a full array of office cloud services.

Monitoring Threats to Your Business

If you run your own business, you quickly realize that several factors must be constantly tracked and controlled in order to stay in business. For example, you need more money coming in than going out of the business. Also, you need the quality of your goods and services to be high so that you can retain existing business and attract new customers.

The same sort of monitoring needs to be performed on the IT side, as well. The problem is that a lot of business owners either neglect it or simply don't have the time to do it. That's why SIO is such a great IT partner.

Keeping Your IT System Current

Internet technology is constantly changing, which impacts all levels of computers and computer services. When updates are released, they must be implemented so that systems remain up to date.

For SIO clients, the risk is minimized due to our outstanding patch management services. With SIO in charge, your IT systems will remain reliable, just like you need them to be at all times. And your endpoints will stay secure and updated, also.

Your IT Advisors in Lexington, KY

Depending on how long ago you went into business, you may or may not have been concerned with the Internet and its impact on both how you do business and how you sell your goods and/or services. It wasn't that long ago when most transactions were conducted face-to-face with a manual cash register or via snail mail order.

Of course, those days are long gone. With the tech revolution, a whole new way of doing business has evolved, one that relies on computers and connectivity. And for many, this presents a problem.

It's a relief to know my company's data is safe! Store It Offsite has been providing off site back up for my servers and 12 work stations for the last 5+ years. During that period, they've been responsive to our needs and quickly recovered data when hard drives have failed. They've done this while maintaining competitive prices for the data being stored.

An added bonus, they're right here in Lexington, KY. You can't beat a locally owned and operated business. Since day one, I've had access to the company's owner and members of their management team. You won't be relegated to a call center with this organization!

— Klausing Group

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