Backup and Recovery of Office 365 Exchange Online Data

Many businesses utilize Exchange Online to access email, manage contacts, and update calendars via desktop and mobile devices. And since Microsoft stores information across multiple servers at multiple locations, this gives some the impression that their data is retrievable and available for restoration.

Using Data & Storing Data

Data drives modern commerce. Online retailers rack up billions of dollars from millions of customers each year in the United States. Even brick and mortar storefronts need to store information about their sales process.

Given all this, it's no surprise to learn that company data has an increasingly significant value to each business. Customer demographics and sales patterns are all stored on servers so that they're readily at hand when it comes time to process them.

Full Complement of Cloud Services from SIO

Cloud services and cloud computing have been around long enough to demonstrate a dependable track record over time. Both individuals and businesses alike have entrusted unfathomable amounts of data to the cloud with amazingly secure, safe, and efficient results.

Here in Lexington, KY, SIO leads the pack in providing cloud services of all types. Being able to lean on an IT company like SIO relieves stress and apprehension for businesses across many industries. With a trusted IT partner, new technology becomes the asset it's truly designed to be.

Get Cloud Services from SIO

This is an easy call for you and your business. Most offices of any size at all are going to have several desktop computers with the need of additional hardware and software in order to perform daily work functions. Let SIO take care of your IT infrastructure for you by setting up cloud services.

Will U.S. Expand Drone Flying Exemptions?

For years now, drone enthusiasts have been watching the FAA like most people follow the weather. They need to monitor what rules are enacted, what rules are forthcoming, and any repercussions that follow once the FAA does enact new rules.

Recently, some drone operators have been seeking exemptions from the FAA's current regulations against flying drones that don't remain in the pilot's field of vision. So far, only a small handful of exemptions have been granted, and lots of drone operators are feeling too restricted by the rule.

Your Comprehensive, Local IT Solution

The decision makers in charge of small businesses are faced with never-ending challenges to keep their companies afloat, running smoothly, and (hopefully) profitable. While not always easy to achieve, these goals are made easier by being selective about whose outside services are employed along the way.

SIO is a proven IT partner to businesses in Lexington and throughout central Kentucky. For years, SIO has built its reputation by assisting its partners with (among other services) data protection, managed IT services, and web & email hosting.

Virus and Malware: Protection Versus Going It Alone

You have a lot at stake when it comes to your business data and business machines. At minimum, your work computers help facilitate certain tasks that enhance company productivity. And in most cases, these machines are involved in vital business functions that store customer information and actually process the sales.

Going 4D with 3D Printing

3D Printing is an industry that is constantly pushing forward to new and better technologies, and the future is never far away. Breakthroughs occur almost daily as scientists, researchers, and inventors all endeavor to expand industry possibilities via new products and tools.

Most recently, researchers at MIT announced that they have created a new process that combines "microstereolithography" with a special polymer mix that hardens or softens based on variant thermal conditions, opening the door to devices that change shape depending on the their temperature.

Our company has been a client of Store It Offsite since its inception and we are very pleased with the backup and email services Jim and his team provide. We know our data is protected and that they will be there for any IT emergencies that arise. If you are looking for an IT company that is ready to help with your technology needs, then the only call you need to make is to Leslie at Store It Offsite.

— Funeral Directors of KY

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