Business Applications for Drones Taking Off in Aerial Photography

Earlier this year, the FAA officially authorized the first real estate agent to utilize a drone for aerial photography, ostensibly "to enhance academic community awareness" and (more to the point) improve real estate listings. Meanwhile, the FAA also granted permission to a Washington company to use a drone to monitor crops.

Not Crashing Our 3DR Iris+ Drone Onto White House Property

Hey, that drone that crashed into a tree near the White House yesterday was not ours, okay? (By the way, what's up with the guy flying it near the White House at 3am anyway?) Goofy stuff.

Anyway, the drone used in yesterday's incident in Washington was reported to be a DJI Phantom, which is affordably obtainable from places like Amazon for under $500. It has some wonderful recreational applications. Ours here at SIO (as previously discussed in an earlier blog post) is a 3DR Iris+.

Storeitoffsite Offers a Full Complement of IT Services

One of the many benefits of working with us here at SIO is utilizing our expertise as your company's own private resource. Putting our knowledge to good use is a real advantage, and our years of work in the IT trenches have revealed some major tricks of the trade. We want our clients to maximize SIO as a resource in all of our major areas of experience.

Drones and Aerial Photography

If you followed our blog posts in 2014, you already understand that we have more than a passing interest in 3D printing here at SIO. Well, now that 2015 is here, we thought we'd let everyone in on one of our other budding interests here in the laboratory--drones.

And it's no coincidence that we have started to get into drones, as they have an obvious connection with the 3D printing world, as well. Here are a few links to check out for those interested in learning more about where the two technologies meet. Really a lot of intriguing stuff here!

Being There For You When You Need Us

One of the big advantages of going with a local company like storeitoffsite is that we're available when you need us. Instead of being hamstrung by time differences or not being able to talk to anyone in person, with storeitoffsite, you enjoy personalized service and support that bigger entities just won't provide. And given our level of security and data protection, you don't lose anything in the process by going with a local business you can trust.

Local Sync Service from SIO

If you are skilled enough to use Dropbox, then you are skilled enough to switch to an SIO service plan featuring local sync service.

Local solutions are good for speed. You may not notice it at first or when dealing with smaller files, but when you start digging into higher volume operations, you will really appreciate the speed SIO affords its clients.

Aren't You Glad Our Machines Keep Working?

With Christmas fast approaching and New Year's on its heels, there will be a lot of empty offices during the next ten days. But when employees take a break from work for weekends or holidays, that doesn't mean there can be lapses on the technical side.

Quite the contrary, data security is a 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year proposition. Hardware failure can happen at any time, and the holidays are no exception. Implementing a backup plan ahead of time, however, prevents inopportune problems from intruding on employee time off.

Supplementing Your Cloud Services With Data Protection

Data, data, data ... there is so much to say about it. We have become a society with the luxury of expecting the right data to be at our fingertips at all times. Whether it's via our phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops, hardly a waking hour goes by that doesn't involve pulling down data from someone's server.

As much as we rely on our data, protecting it has become a very important part of its management. At SIO, we recommend that you take steps to protect your data, and that means making a simple investment into services tailored exactly to suit your needs.

Top Reasons to Storeitoffsite

Like it or not, as a business owner, you're probably in charge of a lot of data, some of which is likely sensitive in nature. How you store it and protect it can have a major bearing on how you are perceived by your employees and customers alike.

And if a disaster strikes, how well you have prepared ahead of time will determine how easily you recover. If fire or some other type of natural disaster strikes your company center, your computer data needs to be backed up offsite.

That's where SIO can help.

It's a relief to know my company's data is safe! Store It Offsite has been providing off site back up for my servers and 12 work stations for the last 5+ years. During that period, they've been responsive to our needs and quickly recovered data when hard drives have failed. They've done this while maintaining competitive prices for the data being stored.

An added bonus, they're right here in Lexington, KY. You can't beat a locally owned and operated business. Since day one, I've had access to the company's owner and members of their management team. You won't be relegated to a call center with this organization!

— Klausing Group

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