Choose SIO for Outstanding Web Hosting in Lexington, KY

Web hosting is a fundamental service for any business. Choosing a web host may not be a glamorous decision for the boss, but it is an important one. As such, SIO stands at the ready to make a proper assessment of business needs, implement any technical extras, and then get you up and running so that you can return to issues that impact your company's sale of products and/or services on a more direct level.

Why SIO Backup Solutions Rule!

The first reason is that we might just keep you out of trouble. Medical, financial, and other industries are subject to various regulatory requirements, and retention backups are typically required.

And when they aren't mandatory, they're still a very good idea because some data loss is more serious than others. Consider the consequences of your medical or financial information just going "Poof!" one day. You get the idea.

3D Printing in Lexington, KY

Need a hand?


While some tech areas are essentially treading water, 3D printing is an industry that is still advancing by leaps and bounds. Monitoring the progress is at times astounding, and participating in the process (as we do here at storeitoffsite) is positively invigorating.

Outdoing Mozy for Business

Here in central KY, we service a number of businesses in a variety of ways. Many of them take advantage of multiple service packages, combined and tailored to fit their individual needs. That's one of the advantages of working with us. We can sit down with you, face-to-face, and come away with a customized plan to suit your particular business needs.

You just can't get that from out-of-the-box offerings, and you certainly don't get the same level of service accompanying it. In other words, you can trust our moxie and skip the Mozy.

Backing Up Data Is a Must (And Easy, Too!)

Okay, we're going to level with you. You have to back up your data, and we're going to tell you some of the reasons why.

First of all, you already know why. It's your data, and you don't want to lose it. Whether it's just a few files or your entire business, it's worth taking the time to make sure it's safe.

Second, you need to admit the fact that all computers are living on borrowed time and eventually will fail. Even the best hard drives in the world are temporary, and backing up files is your protection for when the inevitable happens.

Choose SIO for Your SAN Storage Needs

A storage area network (or SAN, which rhymes with Stan) is a dedicated, high-speed network that transfers and provides access to block data and connects through servers. A SAN is a great enhancement to a company's storage capacity, and it handles data storage, availability, and even replication.

Our customers choose a SAN solution for various reasons, including the need to have better overall data storage. Maximizing data's availability, efficiency, and performance allows business operations to flow better and can save time and money over the long term.

The CryptoLocker Virus and Why Backups Are Critical

Data accessibility and security are a big deal. As a business owner, the data you collect must be protected from all sorts of possible problems and attacks. Whether or not your core business revolves around the digital data you collect, it's important to keep it safe from criminals and available to your workforce.

One way to make sure your data remains available at all times is to back it up well, often, and in a systematically organized manner. The difference between recovering data when properly backed up versus other scenarios cannot be overstated.

It's a relief to know my company's data is safe! Store It Offsite has been providing off site back up for my servers and 12 work stations for the last 5+ years. During that period, they've been responsive to our needs and quickly recovered data when hard drives have failed. They've done this while maintaining competitive prices for the data being stored.

An added bonus, they're right here in Lexington, KY. You can't beat a locally owned and operated business. Since day one, I've had access to the company's owner and members of their management team. You won't be relegated to a call center with this organization!

— Klausing Group

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