On this blog, we've been following the trends in 3D printing for years now. The breakthroughs have been consistently stunning, and the overall advancement within the industry has been lightning fast.

And now, as we are well into 2018, it's a good opportunity to review some of what we have learned about 3D printing. So many industries have benefited, and some of the innovations have been both surprising and clever.

For example, did you know that people are 3D printing food and clothing? It's true. What may feel like a new gimmicky concept this year may truly be a glimpse into the near future. The advantages in customization to both food dishes and items of clothing indicate real potential for 3D printer usage in these industries.

It may be less surprising, but did you know how crucial 3D printing has become to manufacturing? When it comes to prototyping new products, models, and inventions, nothing beats the speed and accuracy of a 3D printer. Businesses and entrepreneurs alike are getting new ideas into production faster than ever, and that's leading to better end products on the market for consumers.

And let's not forget the impact on healthcare. With so many medical applications, it's difficult to pin down only a few, but the potential for human tissue and organ printing has life-saving promise for countless patients in the world.

Plus, 3D printing is allowing doctors to customize medicine so that it can dissolve quickly and be delivered optimally for each patient's needs. Bionic body parts are being printed, too. Healthcare is a monster industry, so it's no shock that 3D printing is being heavily utilized. Each discovery represents an exciting solution to a medical need.

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