Running a business is difficult, and it's impossible to plan for everything in advance. That increases the importance of making good decisions in response to daily needs. That's when true management shines.

SIO understands this process. For our IT customers, needs are constantly evolving, and they need solutions that are scalable and adaptable. There are few things more frustrating to employees than hitting roadblocks purely due to an unavailability of the proper tools.

SIO has IT solutions that take the pressure off onsite team members. We have offsite backup, offsite cloud servers, and offsite data protection services. That means the burden is no longer in-house, and you get the benefits of professional IT management.

In the meantime, SIO has plenty to offer onsite, as well. Replicated Backup Appliances provide backup and are very popular amongst our business customers. And with all the email and communication support we have available, your team will remain in contact when they most need to be.

The right IT solutions are out there for your business, and SIO can help you find the most cost-effective and flexible path. Having an IT partner like SIO allows you to respond easier to each technological need.

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"Bluegrass Care Navigators was in search of a Disaster Recovery solution to replace our existing backup solution. Our objective was to reduce our VMware mission-critical RTO from 48 hours to under 24 hours. We evaluated several solutions and found the SIO solution to be feature-rich and economical. SIO provided our organization with a customized, hybrid solution that achieved our goal both onsite and in the cloud. In addition to improving RTO, the SIO solution enables us to quickly and regularly validate the integrity of our backed up systems, ensuring our organization’s preparedness."
- Croswell Chambers, CIO

— Bluegrass Care Navigators

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