People talk a lot about the various ways of making and saving money. There are ways to reduce costs by finding good deals on services and goods that you need in order to do business, and there are ways to make more money by increasing productivity and efficiency in your processes.

But one thing that often doesn't get enough consideration is making sure that your business doesn't waste money paying for services it doesn't need. Money saved in this area goes straight to the bottom line.

SIO has built a reputation in central KY as a leading IT services company. And one of our strongest attributes has always been the ability to save our customers money by assessing their needs and minimizing their wasted spending.

In order to provide this type of business advantage, SIO takes time on the front end to get to know its customers and how their internal processes work. SIO finds out how the business plans to scale and how fast it's growing, too.

All of this information allows SIO to develop customized IT plans that deliver powerful solutions in areas of need, while minimizing resources wasted on services that won't or can't be utilized.

Your data management and data protection plans are important. Don't leave anything to chance. Call the professionals here at SIO!

Store It Offsite is hands down the best IT support services group in Lexington. A few years ago, my company was looking to overhaul its current backup system. While I looked at various online services, the group that stood out the most to me was Store It Offsite. Their pricing structure is very competitive, but being local took them over the top for me. Three years down the road now after making the decision to use Store It Offsite, I could not be happier with my decision to do so. Their service has been second to none, support is prompt and on task, and customer service is impeccable. Our rep is outstanding at listening to what a client's needs are, putting together cost effective proposals, and provide a quality of service beyond what other IT support firms can do. The bottom line is this, if you need cloud server services, off site data backup, or simply hardware supply, give Store It Offsite an opportunity to earn your business. Contact Leslie and setup an introductory meeting. I promise, you and your company will not be disappointed.

— Sturgill, Turner, Barker & Maloney

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