Email problems are prevalent in the business world. Even though we all rely on email for routine communications throughout the day, we all eventually suffer the unfortunate dilemma of what to do when email goes down.

The fact is it can be tough to negotiate even the simplest work tasks without a functioning email account. That's why SIO is so serious about delivering premium email hosting to its IT service customers.

CloudCollaborate (powered by SIO) solves your email problems and provides a solid, dependable platform from which to launch your business communications. No matter where you are or what device you need to use, CloudCollaborate is available, and so are your business contacts.

Plus, CloudCollaborate from SIO saves you money. By avoiding the expensive costs of purchasing your own in-house email server and hiring a dedicated IT employee to manage and update it, you keep overall email costs low while avoiding all the hassles that come along with maintaining an email system.

CloudCollaborate features the popular open source Zimbra email solution, so you know it's reliable and modern. All you need to do is contact us here at SIO, and we'll get started on setting up professional email for you.

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"Bluegrass Care Navigators was in search of a Disaster Recovery solution to replace our existing backup solution. Our objective was to reduce our VMware mission-critical RTO from 48 hours to under 24 hours. We evaluated several solutions and found the SIO solution to be feature-rich and economical. SIO provided our organization with a customized, hybrid solution that achieved our goal both onsite and in the cloud. In addition to improving RTO, the SIO solution enables us to quickly and regularly validate the integrity of our backed up systems, ensuring our organization’s preparedness."
- Croswell Chambers, CIO

— Bluegrass Care Navigators

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