Tracking drone statistics is not always easy. Sales reports give some gauge, but a recent Pew survey indicates that there may be more drones out there than previously reported or registered.

According to the report, 8% of Americans own a drone, and almost 60% have seen a drone in action. The numbers indicate that there may be millions more drones in use than other estimates say. Either way, drone ownership is up and expected to continue in years to come.

And with all this drone activity, there has certainly been some pushback, as well. As this same survey demonstrates, a certain percentage of Americans fear drones. Still more think drone usage should be limited or restricted. And almost everyone agrees that there needs to be rules in place to help protect the public, as well as the operators.

But aside from the challenges that drones present, the overwhelming sentiment seems to be that drones are poised to serve an increasingly useful purpose. Not only that, they are being enjoyed by private citizens for recreational purposes, too.

During the hurricane aftermath in Texas and Florida, The FAA showed remarkable willingness to approve drone usage for damage assessment. The simple fact is that drones already have the capacity to perform certain tasks better than anything else available, and that list of tasks is sure to grow.

When you combine the increased utility in the private sector with the surging enthusiasm in the home pilot market, it's easy to conclude that 2017 was another big year for drones. And there's every reason to believe that 2018 will be even bigger!

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