Cloud Server for Your Business Needs

Today's business climate demands cloud-based solutions for your business. Employees and clients alike need access to files, data, and documents from locations that may not be anywhere near your home office.

SIO understands what businesses need. That's why we deliver cloud server solutions that not only fulfill the demands of the busy workplace, but also maintain a professional level of security while doing so, as well.

SIO CloudStorage allows you to manage and protect your data at all times. You appoint the administrators and set the policies so that you control your data.

Pro Email Hosting for You

Email is one of the most important tools you use during your business day. Communicating with those not physically present opens up the entire world as a virtual office of collaboration.

SIO specializes in making sure your email works the way it should and stays secure from the various threats that abound via the Internet. With years of experience and the latest technological tools, we help keep our email customers functioning safely.

Let's Talk About Data Backup

We talk a lot about data backup during our blog pieces, and most of you understand the importance of data to your business. Some of you, however, may need some help getting ideas on how to use your data better.

Of course, SIO understands data backup, but SIO also understands the reasons why data is essential in providing the tools businesses need to succeed. Here are some examples on how to use data in your daily business tasks.

Sales Records: Monitor what you sell and make changes to your business model based on what your customers actually buy and prefer.

Staying Prepared for IT Disaster

As time goes on, the Internet gets simultaneously more amazing and more treacherous. The number of office and work applications that can be handled online keeps multiplying, but that means there are more opportunities for trouble along the way.

SIO understands how essential it is for businesses of all types to have a solid IT disaster prevention plan, as well as a resource to turn to when something unexpected does happen. SIO has you covered.

Full-Service IT Professionals

Running a business takes all the time you have (and then some). That means you need efficient solutions to all aspects of the day-to-day functionality or else you'll be spread too thin to manage everything successfully.

That's why customers love SIO! We handle all aspects of IT services, which gives our customers the tools they need to perform their jobs, while housing it all in safe, secure facilities run by experienced IT professionals.

Helping Clients Solve IT Problems

Here at SIO, we specialize in helping our customers leverage IT for their benefit, while minimizing IT risk along the way. A lot of the work is technical in nature, but some of it involves good old common sense.

For example, when it comes to customizing services, it's important to assess customer needs before making recommendations. Some require backup onsite, requiring VMware snapshots and interaction with their current hardware.

Taking Data Protection Seriously

During the course of a regular business day, no one is expecting a disaster to occur. Employees are busy with the current business at hand, collaborating with coworkers and satisfying customer needs.

That's why your business needs something more working for it behind the scenes, something automated and structured for the security demands of modern commerce. Your company needs SIO's disaster prevention and disaster recovery plans.

New Year's Resolutions from SIO

2019 is an important year. If you're in business, you know the truth in the old statement, "This year is always the most important year" because there are no guarantees in business. Even successful businesses can drop their market share if they lose their focus.

One key aspect of any business plan in 2019 is going to involve data and digital storage and security. SIO can help you with all aspects of your data and storage needs. Having an expert on your side is crucial, and our customers know how much of a difference SIO makes for them.

Taking Data to the Next Level

You have your business data. You receive it and file it away electronically in real time just as soon as it is received from your customers. You may even have a security plan that ensures your data's safety.

But what do you do with your data that actually impacts your business? Do you have a plan in place that involves processing your collected data in ways that shed light on the future trajectory of your business?

Maximizing Business Impact with SIO CloudServer

You know how sensitive your business data is. You also know how valuable it is. Keeping it safe requires a solid plan and thinking ahead of trouble, while converting your data into action takes time and easy access to it.

SIO understands how modern businesses need to function in order to maximize efficiency. Our SIO CloudServer takes care of your data and allows you to get it working for you.

Our company has been a client of Store It Offsite since its inception and we are very pleased with the backup and email services Jim and his team provide. We know our data is protected and that they will be there for any IT emergencies that arise. If you are looking for an IT company that is ready to help with your technology needs, then the only call you need to make is to Leslie at Store It Offsite.

— Funeral Directors of KY

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